New Hellenic Shipyards S.A.

The yard is separated into two zones, of which the 20,000 m2 A. Zone is used for the hauling – docking – servicing – staying of mega yachts-pleasure boats and the 18,000 m2 B. Zone is used for building, converting, repairing and maintenance of vessels and any type of floating equipment, utilizing its 4 slipways of 2x24x170m and 2x12x150m length.

The shipyard facilities can accommodate 30 dry-dock mega yachts of various lengths, ranging from 35m to 70m, and approximately 25 moored boats. The yard provides a 4,000 ton floating dock of 64.60m width, 28.60m length, 3.60m height and 3.30m depth.

There is an ultra-modern, 820-ton Mobile Boat Hauler for the hauling of yachts – vessels that have maximum length 80m, as well as a 300-ton Mobile Boat Trolley for the transport of the vessels inside the shipyard. Both pieces of equipment are constructed by Cimolai Technology Spa and approved by Registro Italiano Navale (R.I.NA). A 50-ton Mobile Boat Hauler is suitable for smaller vessels.