The Central Port of Eleusis is purely commercial since it is used for handling merchandise and bulk cargo. It contains a total length of 1.037m of quays, port arm of 300m X 80m, useful area 50.000 m2 and varying depth between 8-10m. Main customs area is located In the Central Port area, while an annual average of 2 million tons cargo are unloaded and transported inside the country. Most frequent cargo types handled through the port of Elefsina are iron, expanded metal, paper rolls, timber, scrap, pipes, etc. Furthermore, from the customs area of the main port go through customs clearance about 200.000 tons of cargo, annually.  Except for the main wharf there are two more wharfs with dimensions 150m of length, 9-25m of width & 4,5-6,0m of depth and 320m of length, 60m of width & 4,0-6,0m of depth respectively, as well as a quay of 15m length, 4,5m depth and an area of 10.000 m2, where special cargo (aggregate materials) are unloaded or special ships (Ro-Ro etc) dock.