Aspropirgos Refinery

Aspropyrgos port is located Northeast (NE) of Eleusis Bay, and is a tanker terminal operated by Hellenic Aspropyrgos SA. It consists of a crude oil berth, a products berth (starboard side to) and a LPG berth.  The new jetty handles approx 120 vessels and 3,000,000t annually and the small jetty handles approx 2,400 vessels and approx 2,900,000t annually. The two approach channels lead to the Gulf of Eleusis; the West (W) entrance, Poros Megaron is dredged to 7.9m, over the bottom width of 180m and is suitable for vessels up to 183m LOA, while the Southeast (SE) entrance through the Strait of Salamis, is dredged to a depth of 10.89m, over a width of 240m. A jetty extends 170m West (W) from the shore, near the refinery, providing 2 berths with depths of 11.80m alongside. The East (E) berth is equipped with 3 x 8in mechanical operating arms for crude oil and oil products, and the West (W) berth is equipped with 4 x 8in mechanical operating arms for oil products but vessels should always use their gangway rigged on the middle of the vessel. The jetty can accept vessels with a max LOA of 220m and 60,000dwt, and there is a possibility of bunkering (fuel oil and gas oil) at this jetty. A LPG berth situated midway between the 2 oil jetties has a depth of 7.2m and a LOA 115m, for loading LPG and refined products.