Agioi Theodoroi ( MOH Terminal )

Agioi Theodoroi (M.O.H.) is situated in Elefsis Bay in the Saronikos Gulf and it is a private port of the Motor Oil Hellas (M.O.H.) refinery. It is the largest in Greece and one of the few in the Mediterranean region able to handle ships of ulcc class. About 330 vessels per annum visit the port, importing approx. 6,000,000t, while vessels up to 250,000dwt can be accommodated. The berth is a 300 m long jetty projecting SSE from the shore and there are deep waters right up to the jetty. Ag. Theodoroi port is one of the most secure and highly protected oil berths in Greece, with vessels, crew and installations, both in the sea and shore, being heavily protected through patrols that ensure security throughout the port area.