Four ports with distinct roles, but one target: to make the system port of Kavala, a major shipping hub in the region, with particular emphasis on the area of the Eastern Balkans.



Commercial Port

The construction works of the new central port of Kavala “FILIPPOS B”started on 1990 and the western breakwater of 400 m length and 12 m depth has already been constructed. The existing infrastructure in the new port makes possible the service of 2 ships of 190 m length, 11.5 m draught as well as a ship Ro Ro.

Since October 2002 the mechanical equipment (cranes, fork-ships etc) has been transported there and the trade movement is made in it. For the servicing of commerce, the Port Organisation of Kavala disposes 4 motor-moved cranes of 12-100 tons capacity, 10 fork-ships of 2.5 4 tons, 2 fork-ships of 35 tons with the possibility of the placement of a SPREADER for the transport of C/N, 1 bucket-bearing loader and 2 transport ramps.


Passenger Port

The land zone of the port is surrounded by the city. It is the central point for the amusement of the visitors and the residents of the city and in it trade and touristic business is developed. The windward pier is of 560 m length and the lee one of 230 m length. The length of breakwaters is 1950 m and their depth varies from 4-10 m. The central port serves : 1)The passengers with every day time-tables of F/B and flying-dolphins from and to Thassos while regular time-tables to Limnos, Mitilini and Samothrace do also take place. 2)The tourism. Cruise-boats and pleasure crafts, which present an increasing tension, secure in the central port of Kavala. After the liberation of the port from the trade and the completion of the designed improvement of the infrastructure it is expected to contribute in the increase of the tourism. 3)The fishing fleet which is used as fishing shelter. 4) The water sports, given that areas have been allotted for the service of naval clubs in the lee pier whereas in the land zone works the open-air swimming-pool of the city.


Keramoti Port

At the eastern side and in a distance of 42 Km off Kavala is located the port of Keramoti constituting the nearest point in Thassos from where the main mass of passengers and goods is transported from and to the island. Moreover, this port hosts private and fishing ships as well as the transport of the most common cargos of the regional enterprises.


Eleftheres Port

The port of Eleftheres is located in the western part of Kavala 17 Km driving distance from Kavala. It serves mostly the fishery and presents low trade movement shown in the fact that only during the summer months there are time-tables from and to Thassos. 


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