Agency services

 General Services

  • Declaration of the ship’s arrival to the Port Authorities
  • Provision of Tug boats
  • Provision of YOKOHAMA fenders (5.5m x 2.5 m)
  • Ensurance of convenient access to the ship with a safety type ladder, 12m long
  • Granting of Free Pratigue and conducting of arrival procedures
  • Provision of telecommunications equipment (mobile phones, Internet) 
  • Booking of the best available dock/ pier in the port according to the ship’s needs
  • Supply of fuels, lubricants and fresh water on-time
  • Collection of garbage (food, plastics etc.), waste oil, C.H.T. (sewage) and other waste
  • Establishment of continuous intercourse with the vessel during her berthing at the port in order to provide our services and manage any emergency that may occur
  • Supply of high quality fresh and frozen foods
  • Provision of consumable supplies and machine - deck
  • Check and provision of Certificates where needed
  • Management of all the documentation needed for the Custom Authorities
  • Transportation for the crew if needed, airline tickets reservations, accompany from/ to the airport and generally care of all necessary arrangements for the arrival or departure of crew or company representatives
  • Collection and Transportation of mailbags and parcels to/ from the airport
  • Attendance of vessel’s needs such as surveys, underwater repairs, repairs of electronic and navigational instruments, adjustments of engines or automatic equipment etc.
  • Medical Care
  • Clearance of the vessel from the Port Authorities and granting of Sailing Permit 

Additional services for commercial ships

  • Embarkation/ disembarkation handling, as well as any other issues related to the crew
  • Delivery of any kind of materials to third parties and arrangement of their payments
  • Ship to ship transfer with a floating crane

Additional services for naval ships

  • Laundry Services
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Rental of cars of all types (with the option of driver) and mini-vans (driver incl.)
  • Provision of chemical toilets and sunshades
  • Security services in collaboration with local port authorities, terrestrial or underwater
  • Scheduling of guided tours to cultural or archaeological sites 
  • Barber shop
  • Provision of international press
  • Events organization and general outdoor facilities, e.g. catering

Additional services for cruise ships and yachts

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  • Security guards/ bodyguards
  • Rental of cars of all types (with the option of driver) and mini-vans (driver incl.)
  • Specialized tours around the region emphasizing on cultural, religious or archaeological sites; availability of hiking walks and ecotourism
  • Organization of thematic events, e.g. culinary sessions
  • Personalized entertainment (entertainment at your needs)
  • Rental of private plane or helicopter
  • Trade with all major credit cards